The Girliest Scarf Ever

Some time last year, Christina sent me yarn in the mail. No reason, except that she was being awesome. WIN. She sent two skeins of beautiful hand-dyed yarn.

One of them was a skein of sport weight merino from Yarntini (colorway: Hope). It took me a while, but I finally found the perfect pattern for it: the Undulating Waves scarf.

The yarn is very pink, and since the scarf is lacy and beaded, I took to calling this my Girliest Scarf Ever on Twitter.

(Click photos to view full size.)

(Seen here on a chair at the coffee shop, because the light there is better than it is at my house.)


I love it VERY MUCH. It’s very pink, but the beads are green, and . . . well, my school colors were pink and green. (It was a little women’s college in the south. Don’t ask.) And the yarn is definitely one of the nicest I’ve ever used–soft and cushy and just beautiful.

7 thoughts on “The Girliest Scarf Ever

    • Thanks! It is shamelessly pink, though, isn’t it? I LOVE IT.

      The yarn was hand-dyed, and the color went from white to pale pink to bright pink (I thought I had a link to a tutorial for the process of dyeing that way, but I can’t find it). It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the light and darker parts did stripe a bit in places, so it’s not a smooth gradient all over, but it still looks nice, which is what counts.

  1. LOVE your girlie scarf!! That is exactlythe kind of yarn I need for my multidirectional scarf; something that changes slightly so I can see the pattern change!

    You have done a GREAT job and love the beads!

    • I can’t remember how long it took . . . maybe two weeks? I knit a lot in the US, but dito sa Pilipinas napakainit ang panahon kaya hindi ako nakapagknit. I prefer to knit with wool and it’s too hot for wool!

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