Julia took me to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where I boggled at the dead horseshoe crabs.

Colorado is landlocked, so this (fairly routine) sight was interesting and new to me. (The Philippines should be interesting–I’ll be going from a landlocked, semi-arid high desert to a tropical island. Deserts and mountains I can deal with, but I have a healthy respect for (read: irrational fear of) the ocean.)

We also saw a holly tree that was nearly 300 years old. It was impressive.

It made me a little woozy thinking about how that tree had been standing there for nearly three centuries without a break–constantly converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, constantly turning sunlight into energy, constantly living. Trees are very steady. They couldn’t be more different from people.

Afterwards, we visited Annapolis. It was utterly charming. There were boats.

(Again, Colorado. Landlocked.)

We saw Maryland’s capitol:

(Four years of college and I still have to look up which “capitol/capital” variation refers to the building.)

Maryland’s first lady keeps a garden at the capitol. I approve!

Tomorrow: our visit to our alma mater.

4 thoughts on “Maryland!

  1. I like that the Holly tree has a sign that says ‘please do not abuse’ cuz I’m pretty sure that tree could take a person out. Holly trees are not the type of plant I’d choose to mess with.

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