In which they turn me loose on Washington D.C.

From Sweet Briar, I landed at Jessica’s apartment in Northern Virginia. For a country girl like me, few places are as horrifying as Northern Virginia. If Hell was established on Earth, it would not be very different from Northern Virginia. However, Jess is one of my favorite people, and is also adorable.

She had to work (she works for the Maunter Project, which is awesome), so I pretty much had the run of the city. I had a Metro pass, so getting around was very easy. I went all over.

I saw the U.S. Capitol, but didn’t attempt to find a tour or anything.

It was impressive!

Then I wandered around the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, which is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, none of my photos were very good. I was trying very hard to pass as a D.C. native, instead of a hated tourist, and for the most part I was pretty good at it, but the camera is kind of a giveaway.

Still, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this sign. I ❤ the United Methodist church!

It’s just a nice counterpoint to people like Westboro Baptist Church–it’s nice to see that some Christians are still advocating love.

I also saw the Postal Museum, and got an H1N1 shot for the Peace Corps, and bought cupcakes from Hello Cupcake, and returned to the Renwick Gallery (which I’d visited earlier in the week), where there is currently a moving exhibit of art from Japanese internment camps during WWII. However, I didn’t photograph any of these activities. OH WELL!

I expect the rest of my vacation to be fairly uneventful, so this will probably be the end of my vacation series. Soon, though, you can look for posts about the Philippines–my departure date is August 19!


7 thoughts on “In which they turn me loose on Washington D.C.

  1. Hello Cupcake means you were right by Kat!

    I heard loads about the internment camp exhibit. Also, the Renwick is pretty much one of my favorites, though I get tired of the Majestic, Noble, Patriotic Landscape and Such American art after a while. In my view, the Freer and Sackler is tops.

    • Hello Cupcake is brilliant! So yummy. Where is Kat? Jessica works just up the street from there.

      And I’ve been to the Freer! It was incredible–I stumbled across it totally by accident one time when I was on a layover on one of my train rides home.

    • Heh, pretty much EVERYONE hates Northern Virginia. It’s pretty much all the worst parts of suburbs. It grew up too fast, and it’s overcrowded, and all strip malls and terrible traffic. And of course, everyone on the road is angry and unhappy, because they’re driving through this horrible traffic for hours every morning into a city they hate (I think mostly because they resent the commute, since D.C. is a fantastic city).

      I mean, I hate suburbs anyway, y’know. I’m from a small town, and I can handle small towns, and I can handle cities, but suburbs make me quail. All the subdivisions with identical houses, and the strip malls–the lack of any individual merits bugs me, and so does the massive environmental impact (all that asphalt, and all those idling cars, and all those people consumingconsumingconsuming).

      And then there’s the fact that I very, very strongly prefer to support local businesses over big corporate chains. So, basically, I object to suburbs on a number of ethical levels, and NoVa (as it’s unaffectionately known) pretty much represents everything I hate about America.

  2. D’oh. I work for the museum that the Renwick Gallery belongs to. I should have said to let me know if you were in the neighborhood so I could give you a tour. Bad internet friend.

    But that Art of Gaman show is breathtaking. The birds are my favorite.

    • Sophie! I had no idea you were in D.C.! I’m in NoVa for another week, so, y’know, we could still get coffee or something, you wanted. My transportation might be a little hit or miss (moving to visit my Vietnamese family in Springfield tomorrow), but I bet I could make it up to D.C. one more time.

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