Rebirth: A Disclaimer

It has been a custom of mine, in each new phase of my development, to reinvent myself online. I talked a lot with friends in the Philippines about the way our online personas were just that–personas, masks, a marketing scheme. You present yourself the way you want to be considered.

That’s why, in the past, I’ve tended to create new blogs for each new persona, kicking the old back under a rug, slightly embarrassed by it, by the person I used to be. (When I started on the internet fourteen years ago, for example, I was a homeschooled fundamentalist Christian who loved books about talking animals.)

This time, though, I’ve decided not to do that.

Point 1: Anything I wrote on this blog 2-4 years ago (when this blog was most active) was and remains an accurate impression of at least part of the person I was at that time.

Point 2: The person who wrote those posts deserves to be honored even if she no longer entirely exists.

Point 3, the most salient: Most of my blogging attempts post-college have been abortive at best, and why go to all the effort of restarting if I’m only going to abandon it within a few weeks?

With that out of the way, I have an itch to blog. I’m creating things again, and I miss blogging about that. I miss working out my thoughts via text, too.

I decided long ago that it wasn’t worth “apologizing” for not blogging. But let me catch you up, nevertheless. Right now, I am:

  • Home from the Philippines (since November 2012, in fact)
  • Married (!)
  • (To someone I met in the Philippines)
  • (Deeply surprised, amazed, and awed by this fact almost daily)
  • Living in the suburbs of Detroit, the home region of the man (there’s another surprise, at least to me) I married
  • Studying speech and language pathology–for now taking prerequisite courses online before I apply for graduate programs
  • Meanwhile, working as a nanny for twin boys, age 3
  • The adoring owner of a rescued pet rabbit
  • Attempting to write fiction in the time not occupied by husband, work, and school
  • Crafting with intensity
  • Drinking perhaps more than I should

Should this latest attempt at blogging stick (and I hope it does), you can expect to see me talking about crafting, writing, my rabbit (lord, I love her), being a nanny, and the long path to becoming a speech and language pathologist (SLP).