When girls play Risk

I am currently out in the Washington D.C. area, visiting my college friends. I was away for a year, and I missed them mightily, so it’s really wonderful to get to see them a bit before I head out for Parts Unknown.

I started my trip in Maryland, staying with Julia. She’s camera-averse, which is very troublesome for me, but here is friend Liz, who took the train down from Philadelphia for the weekend. We had a going-away party for me and for Julia, who is leaving for graduate school soon.

But before the party, we had to get in the requisite Youtube-watching.

(Is Liz adorable or what?)

And we played the girliest game of Risk EVER. Halfway through, we had evenly divided up the map between the three of us. (I held North and South America, Liz had Europe and Africa, and Julia had Australia and most of Asia.)

And we decided it really wouldn’t make much sense to keep playing. I mean, think about it–if you’ve got a comfortable hold on the Americas, you’d have to be pretty stupid to invade Asia. EVERYONE knows not to invade Asia! (Insert your own Princess Bride reference here.) Here is our board when we finished:

(From Twitter: @the_metaskeptic: “@middlemuse Re: Girliest Risk Game. …UR DOIN’ IT SO WRONG ;_____;” Guys just Don’t Get It. That’s why it’s always men who invade Asia and fail horribly.)

I couldn’t take photos of Julia, because I don’t like being too much of a pest (sad face!), but I did get a few of her cat.

You wouldn’t know it from the pensive pose, but she’s planning my destruction.

There was also Spike, who was terribly, terribly timid, and completely stole my heart.

Tomorrow: Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Annapolis.