In which we remain geeks

Of course, as part of my visit, I had to trek down to Sweet Briar College, my alma mater, and along with my home town in Colorado, one of the places dearest to my heart.

Julia and I walked all around campus and revisited all our old haunts (and ran into some favorite professors). I didn’t take photos of that, though; I have plenty of Sweet Briar photos.

We ended by visiting the Honors Center, where we admired our Honors Theses on the shelf.

I found a fantastic hat.

And we reflected on what geeks we were that hanging out in the Honors Center post-graduation was a delightful good time for us.

After Sweet Briar, we went to dinner with two of our favorite professors, Cathy Gutierrez, and Eric Casey (who is sadly blogless), and fellow alumna Ashley. Cathy is an incredible cook, and prepared a to-die-for Ethiopian spread. Sadly, I did not take photographs, because I have a policy of actually experiencing my life, instead of watching it on an LCD screen.

Cathy and Casey (as they will forever be known to me; somehow I cannot bring myself to say “Eric”) allowed us to sleep there instead of driving back up to D.C. that night. (We were full of food and wine, and it was late.) It was incredibly pleasant; I was provided with perhaps the softest sheets I have ever experienced. A beautiful thing.

After Sweet Briar, Julia handed me over to Jessica, which is where I am staying now. Tomorrow, you get to hear about my D.C. adventures.