On to Training!

So, on Thursday, we finally found out where we would be going for our training, and what languages we would be learning. Then we said goodbye to each other and the next morning, took off for Parts Known.

I was lucky, because I’m staying here on Luzon, so I didn’t have to fly to my site. Instead, we took a bus ride through the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen.

Blurry photo, I’m afraid, and doesn’t nearly capture how stunning the landscape is, but it’s the best I’ve got.

So, I arrived at my host family’s home yesterday. It’s in a beautiful neighborhood pretty much right in the city, but very clean and relatively quiet (for the Philippines). The home is just lovely, and my room is very comfortable, with a nice, large bed and a sturdy door.

And my host mother is fantastic!

(Note my frizzy tropics hair. It’s been a mess since I landed–I can see why so many people here chemically straighten their hair. That’s not something I’d ever do, though. Too hard on the hair.)

I’m really happy with the training site, actually. In addition to being lovely, I’m really close to a lot of other volunteers (as in, we’re neighbors), and there’s a coffee shop with free, fairly sturdy wifi (which is where I am at the moment). On Monday, my training really begins, language and technical–I’ll be learning Tagalog, which is excellent. I’ve learned a little already, almost all of it related to food somehow.

I mean, it’s not all perfect–my intestines are really unhappy today, either from the water or the food, and the heat makes me really tired. And I’m sure it won’t all be smooth sailing with the host family and the cultural adjustment. But I feel like I’m in a really good situation to deal with the difficulties that will crop up. (If nothing else, having easy Internet access and a bunch of friends right around me will help. Support system, whoo!) I’ll keep you all updated!