The Philippines is travel-sized

If you read a guidebook on the Philippines, it will tell you about jeepneys, and trikes, and how nice the people are. But I’m willing to bet it wouldn’t tell you about sachets.

Sachets (they pronounce it like sashay, not like hatchet) are ubiquitous here, and many people buy them in lieu of full bottles of whatever they’re trying to buy. Basically, in the Philippines, everything is travel-sized for your convenience.

Usually you get them from a sari-sari store like this one:

Sari-sari means “variety”. These are little shops usually run out of someone’s house. They sell pretty much everything, from laundry detergent to Coke to cooking oil.

But you can also find sachets in grocery stores and convenience stores. I took all of the following photos in a Mini-stop, which is basically like a gas station without the gas. (Mini-stop is our go-to place for ice cream. We’re all going to miss it so much when we leave the city for our more rural permanent sites.)

Here are some of the things you can buy in sachets. Click to make the images bigger, if you like.

Shampoo and conditioner


Toothpaste (twin pack for DOUBLE freshness!)

Skin whitening cream

Insect repellent

Shoe cream

And finally, proving there’s nothing you can’t buy in a sachet: